Virtual Tour – Part 1

September 26, 2012

Jenna Christy Matalam – Coffee Books and Me

Jenna is a self confessed bookaholic. She started her blog after college, and actually finished 130+ books in 2011! She loves books and she loves sharing what she thinks about the books she reads.

She has a passion for YA literature and the paranormal and so I was thrilled when she offered me a guest post on her blog. What could be more in keeping with her interests than a post about “Why the Paranormal is Really Normal.”

In this article I explore how most children are spiritually open and why they turn their spiritual abilities down to please the adults around them. I also talk about how my book “The Midas Tree” can help children and adults to rekindle and make use of these abilities.

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September 25, 2012

Dalya Moon – YA Indie

YA Indie author Dalya Moon, says she grew up with her nose in a book. Dalya writes quickly, so her friends have dubbed her “book-a-week.” She released two titles in 2011 and three so far in 2012. Dalya asked me to offer some tips on the best way to turn a vision into a story. So today we visit her blog, where I talk about my creative process and discuss some techniques that will help you capture that great sense of imagination you had when you were a child.

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September 12, 2012

Lilla Csongradi – The Dawn of Fire

Today we head to the blog of Lilla Csongradi, a philologist, who records teachings from the angelic realm that come through a psychic medium, called Julia. They co-authored a book, dictated by Angels, called The Dawn of Fire.

Lilla interviews me about The Midas Tree and I share information on how reading The Midas Tree, can benefit children; as well as how a woman with a background in science and business came to write a spiritual novel.

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Stay tuned for Part II later in the tour where Lilla will converse with angels about The Midas Tree.