Copy of IMG_6113C resized for signatureAs a successful author and spiritual teacher, I have presented at hundreds of events, including local, national and international conferences. I have been a featured guest on expert panels and have taught numerous workshops and classes.

My mission is to help people increase their self awareness and become empowered to consciously take charge of their lives. I do this by teaching them to meditate and open their intuitive abilities. I  have presented at Motivational Business Meetings, Women’s Empowerment Events and Spiritually Focused Groups.

I am happy to speak about The Midas Tree or any spiritual topic – there are some suggestions below.

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Inspiration and Motivation

Spiritual Awareness

Women’s Empowerment


Inspiration and Motivation

STAYING COOL UNDER STRESS – Is your life stressful? Do daily demands drag you down? Learn some simple yet effective practices to help you de-stress and get back in charge of your life.

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY – Inventors and scientists have made great discoveries in their dreams. Actors and athletes who visualized their success went on to win. Many artists and writers create by connecting with source. Learn how to unblock your creative flow and unleash the creator within.

DISCOVERING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE – Feeling off track? Lost sight of why you’re here? Many demands on your time, expectations of others and too much to do before you can get to you? Take a moment to recharge your batteries, reconnect with your source and remember why you are here.

Spiritual Awareness

NATURE SPIRITS – Do you love being in nature and experiencing the energies of animals, trees, and flowers? Do you wonder if the fairy tales you heard as a child could be true? Join Dr Lesley, author of “The Midas Tree” and learn how these energy beings helped create this spiritual book

YOUR SPIRITUAL ABILITY BLUEPRINT  – Did you know that you set your spiritual ability blueprint before you were born? Your chakras are the key to unlocking this information. Explores how you disconnected and find out how you can re-set your chakras to your original blueprint.

CLEAN AURA – Everything has an energy field. Your aura is like a window as you experience the outside world and others see you by looking through it. Purify  your aura and your goals get clear so you shine brightly. Hear secrets of how to see and cleanse the human energy field.

PRESENT, PAST AND FUTURE LIVES – Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? Dr. Lesley speaks about her experiences exploring her own past lives and gives her perspective as a spiritual counselor who has given thousands of past life readings.

MEET YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES – You are spirit and you have a body, but what about the beings that don’t have bodies? Should you be afraid? Or might their unique spiritual perspective be helpful?  Dr. Lesley speaks about her experiences working with many different spiritual beings.

ENERGY HEALING – Everything is energy, including you. A healthy energy system is in flow. If one of life’s curve balls has you stuck in a rut then come and hear how you can cleanse you energy and restore balance, using amazing self healing techniques.

Women’s Empowerment

WOMEN’S INTUITION – Have you experienced insights about your life or business that were accurate? Yes women’s intuition really does exist! Discover how to trust your inner voice, and have intuitive insights in a split second.

GIRL POWER – How can women to do so much? The female body has tremendous power that can be directed to any endeavor you choose. Find out how to channel this power into the creative projects of your choice.

BALANCE YOUR LIFE – Modern women lead busy lives. Do you feel drained? Is all your energy going to support others? Hear about ancient techniques to balance your life and restore your inner goddess.