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Rainbow Child Help for Intuitive Kids

All children are intuitive. Yet most turn this down before they are adults, as our culture is generally not supportive. My biggest wish for my book The Midas Tree is that it will help our children to recognize they are spirit, stay connected with source, embrace their uniqueness and cultivate their spiritual gifts and ultimately stay on their path and fulfill their life purpose. My second wish is that The Midas Tree will help adults to remember their spiritual nature and gifts. This in turn will equip those who are parents and grandparents to better support their kids.

  • Is your son or daughter particularly sensitive?
  • Have you noticed your child has spiritual experiences?
  • Is it difficult for him/her to connect with most other people?
  • Do you suspect you may have an Indigo, Rainbow or Crystal child?
  • Would you like to understand him/her better?

Consider a session with Dr. Lesley for information on your child’s soul path, life purpose, intuitive abilities and spiritual growth.  Sessions are fun, interactive and include:-

Intuitive Abilities.


If your child is intuitive, consider having their intuition chart done.

It provides a profile of their intuitive abilities and explains how these relate to their life purpose.

Signs that your child is intuitive include hearing voices, being overly sensitive to emotions (theirs and others), knowing things they have no information about, seeing visions ,  having invisible friends and more. In this reading, you will:-

  •  Review of 25 intuitive abilities related to your child
  • Learn how to support and cultivate their abilities
  • Understand what is hindering their development
  • Receive guidance to support their intuition


Aura / Energy Reading16117603_sCROP

Many spiritually open children see colors or lights around people and animals. It can be helpful  to receive a professional perspective on these experiences. This reading quickly identifies where in their life they are moving with ease or struggling. They will:-

  • Receive a color a chart to color in their energy field
  • Validate the colors and information in their aura.
  • Learn what each color vibration means for them.
  • Hear how symbols and pictures stored in their field  relate to their life.
  • For more information, visit my Aura Page for adults

9422931_sPast Lives

Many spiritually aware children recall prior lifetimes. This can be confusing for parents and kids. It can help to have these experiences explained by an professional. Having a past life session is like listening to a personal story with on your child’s soul path and life purpose. A past life session explores:

  • Your child’s past life memories
  • Pinpoints past lives that are relevant to the current life
  • Identifies ongoing soul lessons and abilities being expressed now.
  • Creating drawings and discussing the story with your child afterwards can help integrate the information.
  • For more information, read my Past Life Page for adults.


General Information

  • All sessions can be attended by the child, parent of both parent and child together
  • Signed parental consent is required for all sessions with minors
  • A recording is made of the session so you can listen to it again
  • Contact Lesley@themidastree.com to make a booking