Copy of IMG_6113C resized for web and croppedThank you for visiting my media page.

My mission is to help people increase their self awareness and become empowered to consciously take charge of their lives. I do this by teaching them to meditate and open their intuitive abilities. Over the last twelve years I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of individuals and groups.

I wrote The Midas Tree to bring my message to more people throughout the world. I am passionate about my quest because I know from experience what positive changes can result from learning to meditate.

Releasing the Midas Tree into the world is an exciting project. Since it launched I have been interviewed on the radio, web TV and in on-line media. Bloggers and experts have been writing stellar reviews and readers have told me how much The Midas Tree has helped them through difficult times or to overcome their life challenges.

I am very pleased to be invited to speak about The Midas Tree at your event, or be interviewed on your show or for your column or blog.  If you have any questions, please email me at




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