The Midas Tree Forward

by Mary Ellen Flora

Join Joshua on a magical adventure of self discovery in The Midas Tree. Become enchanted by the characters, lessons, and experiences The Midas Tree offers Joshua. Lose yourself in the lyrical story of this spiritual awakening, and allow your own awakening to unfold.

Lesley Phillips has created a poetic world of life, color, and adventure. She blends spiritual mysteries and scientific information in an ingenuous manner that enlightens and entertains at the same time. Phillips’ style is unique and refreshing, and also reminds us of the great classic “Alice In Wonderland”.

You will be challenged to select a favorite character or adventure, because every one is unique and fascinating. From the start of Joshua’s journey to the new beginning, you will be inspired, enchanted, and informed of new ideas. Fun and excitement weave throughout the story, and every adventure brings a new realization and another adventure.

The Midas Tree is a wonderful book whether you are seeking adventure, education, spiritual awakening, or fun. It is a book to be enjoyed by all ages since everyone will see her/himself in Joshua and his experiences. Learn to do what Joshua did and take charge of your life. As in our lives, the ending is a new beginning, so follow Joshua through The Midas Tree to begin again in a new awakened way.

By Mary Ellen Flora

Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Clairvoyant

Founder, CDM Spiritual Teaching Center

Author of Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening and other spiritual books