The Devas

Once inside the Midas Tree, Joshua is assisted by the Devas of the tree.

The word Deva is taken from a Hindu word meaning divine being or good spirit. The Devas in the Midas Tree are good spirits, although some maybe tricksters. Each Deva has a name beginning with “Dev” and their name has a meaning that refers to their role within the tree and this also relates to the guidance this Deva is able to give.

They live inside the Midas Tree in chambers in the roots, trunk and branches. The main Devas have physical bodies, and they help guide Joshua through his life’s lessons by divulging their secrets. Each main Deva presides over a group of fairy-like spirit helpers, which don’t have physical bodies, but appear as wisps of different colored energies.

To learn more about one of the devas of the tree, just click on them:

 Devadne of The Midas TreeDevadne   Deval of The Midas TreeDeval  Devalicious of The Midas TreeDevalicious
Devandra Devany of The Midas TreeDevany Deverall
Devi Devina Devlin
Devon Devora of The Midas TreeDevora