Course Certification

To receive certification to teach this course you must:-

  1. Take the course by home study
  2. Register and teach your first class
  3. Book a review session with Lesley

To remain certified as a teacher you must demonstrate you are regularly teaching the course by registering your classes. You will be provided with instructions for registering classes once certified. You must also have a review session with Lesley once per year. The fee for each review session is $150.

Website Listing

All certified teachers in good standing will be listed on The Midas Tree website,

Grant of Rights

If you take the course but do become certified then you may only use the course materials yourself and with your family, such as children and parents. You may not teach the course as a class or accept payment for doing so.

If you take the course and become certified by following the steps above then you may use the course materials to teach classes of children and adults.

Certified Teachers List

Ontario, Canada

  • Sandra Couts (t – 905-864-4402; e –