The Midas Tree

By Dr. Lesley Phillips

For Children Aged 10 to 110

It is time for you to go on a journey.
You may forget the garden for a while.
Follow this golden acorn, wherever it takes you.

Joshua’s golden acorn propels him into a magical journey. Desperate to return home, he must transform himself and The Midas Tree. This gripping story overflows with challenges, magical creatures and mystical superpowers which you too can discover.

The Secret to Life

The Midas Tree is a spiritual adventure novel that contains the secret to life. The answers your most pressing questions will be revealed as you read about Joshua’s amazing adventures inside the tree. If you have ever wondered why you are here, how you got here, what you came here to do or where you go when you are not here anymore then this book is for you. Your life challenges will crumble as you receive the ancient knowledge that is given freely to you by the mystical teachers that live inside The Midas Tree.

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Lesley Phillips has created a poetic world of life, color, and adventure. The Midas Tree is a wonderful book whether you are seeking adventure, education, spiritual awakening, or fun.

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